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What are TechBites?


TechBites are 5 minute (or less) e-learning videos explaining technology concepts in a way that is easy to understand without a computer science degree. Bite Size Learning believes you should get the biggest impact from the smallest time investment.

Who should watch TechBites?


Anyone seeking to understand more about the technology they use every day & how it's built. Specifically, we’ve found TechBites to be useful for Executives who interact with IT teams and need to make final business decisions; Working Professionals such as Recruiters, Sales, Marketing & PR professionals who need to interact with technical people on a more and more frequent basis; and Job Seekers who want to get a leg-up & feel more confident in their interviews. 

How much do TechBites cost? 


There are 3 different options. You can pay-per-view to watch just one e-learning video or you can subscribe to a Bite Size Learning channel. We have two different subscription levels: Basic & VIP. VIP gets you  job descriptions, downloadable materials, and advance access to new video content. Check the TechBites tab for our current prices.

How does a subscription work?


Choose either a Basic or VIP subscription, plug your credit card # in and start viewing! Once you become a subscriber your rate is locked in for as long as you remain a subscriber and is billed to your credit card on a monthly basis. You can cancel a TechBites e-learning subscription at any time with no penalty. Full Disclosure: if you cancel and sign up again, your new subscription will begin at the currently advertised price per month.

Where does Bite Size Learning's info come from?


Our founder, Jessie Pressman, learned much of the content we provide while on-the-job as a Sales Director, Manager & Executive for a Tech Staffing Firm. She did tons of research and spoke with CIOs from many of the leading companies in NYC to understand their technology requirements and needs. When building TechBites, Bite Size Learning also fact checked and spoke with tech experts to ensure you’re getting the best information possible. In short, we did the years of research so that you don’t have to!

How often do you post new video content?


Our goal is to keep TechBites current. Therefore, Bite Size Learning is committed to adding new content on a regular basis. 

Can I request a TechBite?


Absolutely. We love requests and will do our best to accommodate our valued customers. That said, there’s a ton of technology out there, so we can’t promise to deliver on every request made. 

Where can I watch TechBites?


Practically anywhere! Our e-learning videos can be viewed on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. You can even stream to your AppleTV using AirPlay.

Does Bite Size Learning sell group subscriptions?


Yes! We can create a custom e-learning channel for your organization so that you can offer training to a large group of students or employees. We'll even brand it for you! Just contact us at for a quote.

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