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Quick Tech Understanding for Busy Professionals. 

All your technology questions answered in 5 minutes or less.
TechBites Topics

TechBites Topics: 

Select a topic below to see all the videos in the series.

  • What is the cloud?

  • What is cloud computing?

  • Tech jobs

  • What is Open Source?  

  • Front-end vs Back-end tech


  • What is a server?

  • What is a network?

  • What is a database?

  • What is infrastructure?

  • What is VPN?

  • What is LAN? / What is WAN?

  • What is virtualization? 

  • What is a cluster?

  • Responsibilities of a SysAdmin

  • Network careers

  • Hardware


  • What is big data?

  • What is business intelligence?

  • What does ETL stand for? 

  • What does a data miner do? 

  • What is data integration? 

  • What is a data warehouse?

  • Careers in BI (Business Intelligence)


  • What does an Operating System do?

  • What kinds of Operating Systems are there?

  • What is the difference between Linux and Unix?

  • How is Windows different from Linux?

  • What is an open source OS?

  • What is an out of the box solution?

  • What does GUI mean?


  • What is UX?

  • What is UI?

  • What is  Business Logic?

  • How are apps built?

  • What is an app stack?

  • What is a data store?

  • What is middleware?

  • How are user experience and user interface different?

  • Careers in Application Development


  • Java vs .Net

  • What does platform independent mean?

  • What is a toolkit?

  • How is a toolkit different than a language?

  • What is JavaScript?

  • What is HTML?

  • What is CSS?

  • What is Ruby on Rails (ROR)?

  • What is Perl?

  • What is Flash?

  • What is HTML5?

  • What is Sharepoint?

  • What is C#?

  • What is

  • What is JBoss?

  • What is WebLogic?

  • What is WebSphere?

  • What is J2EE?

  • What is Spring?

  • What is Swing?

  • What is AJAX?

  • What is XML?

  • What is PHP?

  • What is Python?

TechBites Coming Soon
Coming Soon... 

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  • What is an ERP?

  • What is a CRM? 

  • What is a CMS used for?

  • What is a POS?

  • What is LMS?

  • What is e-learning?

  • What is gamification?

  • What is SAP?

  • What is Informatica?

  • What is

  • What is SEO?

  • What is Google Analytics?


  • How to navigate LinkedIn.

  • How to write a great LinkedIn Profile.

  • How to utilize social media for business - Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.


  • What is Waterfall Methodology?

  • What is Agile Methodology?

  • What is a scrum meeting? 

  • How does tech get built? 

  • Who works on the project when?

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OMG, THAT's what the cloud is! I definitely don't need to be scared of having my info there. 

 - Elka Brandt, M.P.H,  J.D.

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