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Binge Focusing

Bingeing has become a huge part of our society’s culture. Binge eating, binge watching of tv shows, binge dieting…often this bingeing has negative connotations. But what about binge focusing?

I previously wrote about harnessing my focus when I notice that I’m zoned-in…what I’ve come to realize in paying more attention to this is that I can take advantage of that focus in bursts and get way more completed than I would going in and out of focus for twice or even three times that amount of time. This was a big revelation for me…I’ve never been a binge’er but I’ve realized that maybe bingeing, in certain situations, isn’t always a bad thing. Here are a few things I binge on for Bite Size Learning:

  • Social Media. I call it Marketing Mondays and spend my Monday mornings focused on finding and creating content for my LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter posts. By binge focusing I spend much less time than I would if I spread it out throughout the week because I’ve already got my head in the right mindset. (Note: I also add to social media throughout the week as I find interesting articles...this just takes the pressure off.)

  • Blog Posts. Yep! I wrote this one right after my “Take Advantage of Your Focus” post. I was in a writing mood so I decided to binge on blog posts for awhile rather than force myself to work on something else. TechBites. Not only do I usually sit down to write a few scripts at once but I also usually binge animate. I’ll create a bunch of story-boards in a row or record a few different voice-overs in one shot rather than setting up 5 or 6 times separately.

  • Learning. The whole point of Bite Size Learning is that we don’t really have time for long sessions and tutorials. Our videos are designed to empower you with just the right amount of info in the shortest amount of time, 5 minutes. They’re designed to be watched when you just need a quick answer or a quick focus break…but, you could also binge watch the entire series.

  • Focus. Anytime I notice that I’m doing a great job of focusing on anything I instantly rearrange my schedule to continue focusing on whatever project is. I’ve found that utilizing this time when it’s available allows me to feel less guilt during the times that I just can’t focus. There’s no reason to sit in front of the computer and waste time…I might as well go do something else and utilize my time better.

At Bite Size Learning, I’ve discovered that focusing on one thing for an extended period of time, rather than in short bursts throughout the week, has helped me to be more productive and efficient. Binge focusing is definitely a skill I’m adding to my time-managment file.

Jessie Pressman | Founder
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