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The New Woman-in-Tech

Let me introduce you to the new Woman in Tech. She never thought she’d be here. She doesn’t think of herself as technical. When her friends from college look at her cross-eyed and say, “I didn’t know you were into computers.” She says she isn’t. She doesn’t know how to code. If you showed it to her, she wouldn’t know what she was looking at. What she does know are the concepts. She understands the gap between digital and industry. She understands the gap between digital and marketing. She understands the gap between digital and operations.

Coding and Development knowledge are no longer requirements to work in tech.

Get a group of women in tech in the same room and ask them to raise their hands if they thought they’d be working in technology when they graduated college. I’m willing to bet that less than a third of the hands will go up. Want to know why? Because more and more women are getting into tech as more and more positions require technical understanding.

Digital understanding is today’s must have skill.

The definition has changed. Working in tech no longer means nerding out with wires and computer chips. Nor does it only mean staring at a screen developing code or all-night hack-a-thons. Working in tech today means understanding the underlying concepts behind technology and using that understanding to work with traditional departments like marketing, finance, sales, or operations.

One of the characteristics most touted about women in the workplace is their skill at collaborating and bringing diverse groups together. It is this soft skill that has been so greatly lacking in the tech department for such a long time. And it is this skill that smart companies have been hiring women to nurture in their organizations.

Today’s woman in tech is building bridges between

the tech world and the non-tech world;

she never envisioned herself in the tech industry but she’s excited to be here; and she knows she’s an integral part of the team.

Want to be a woman in tech? Don't have the degree? No worries! Learn the concepts that will kick-start your career with us.

5 minute videos. No code. Just concepts. #TechBites

Jessie Pressman | Founder
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