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Got Bad Interview Response Stories? These are the WORST.

Photo Credit: Twenty20 & Canva

After asking real recruiters to submit their funniest and most appalling interview response stories, Linked In recently created a video re-enacting some of the worst interview responses of all time.

For Recruiters, HR Professionals and and the Staffing industry, these are par for the course...some candidates just don't interview well. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they're not right for the job. Everyone has at least one story of the great candidate who bombed the interview. As professionals, what can you do to ensure your time (and your hiring manager's time) isn't wasted by these sub-par interviewers?

1. Phone Screen First: Many of the questions they'll receive on-site from the hiring manager can be asked by you prior to their ever coming in. Guage the quality of their responses over the phone to determine if they need extra coaching before coming in.

2. Prep your Candidates: Ask them if they've prepared questions for the hiring manager...then ask them to share those questions. You should know based on the quality of the questions they've prepared whether they'll be like the terrible candidates below or ace the interview.

3. Suggest an Interview Coach: Many HR and Staffing Professionals offer Interview Coaching. Odds are, you have someone in your network already that you think would be great at this or who already provides that service. Don't know someone? Here are a few that we think are great: Career Caddy, Sweet Resumes and Prepary.

Do you have interview responses that would put these to shame? Do you have other tactics to help candidates avoid these pitfalls? Share them with us in the comments!

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Jessie Pressman | Founder
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