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Diversifying Your Tech Department is Easier Than You Think

Want to change the ratio and increase the numbers of women

in your tech department? Easy.

If I had a nickel for every time a hiring manager or human resources professional said to me that they’d LOVE to see female candidates for their open tech requirement, I’d be rich.

While specifically seeking out women vs men for positions may technically be a no-no in the HR world, there have been more and more calls for gender and racial diversity within tech departments over the past decade. Yes, you heard that right, decade. This is a long-standing issue.

So why do I think it's an easy fix? Because more and more women are getting into tech as more and more positions require technical knowledge. Coding and Development are no longer requirements to be a Digital Specialist.

"Coding and Development are no longer requirements

to be a Digital Specialist."

Case in point: a friend of mine went to graduate school to get her degree in Art Management. She graduated and was immediately tapped by a digital marketing firm that specializes in marketing for the Arts. She never thought she’d be a technologist. Fast forward a year and she’s the TA for a class on Digital Marketing at General Assembly!

What does all this mean for you as a recruiter, hiring manager, HR specialist? It means that you can increase the diversity (gender, racial, age and otherwise) in your tech department by thinking just a little out of the box. What positions can fall under your tech department that don’t require coding experience? What about UX, Product Management, Project Management, Tech Sales, Business Analysts, Digital Marketers, Content Marketers, Social Media Specialists, Digital Communications Leaders, and Digital Operations Specialists?

True, some of these positions require additional experience and training, but quite a few simply require a smart person who knows how to ask the right questions, interact with the right people and understand the underlying concepts.

If the only problem with your candidate is that she’s missing that last component, it’s time to stop worrying. Resources for understanding tech concepts used to be hard to find. Now there are on-line, on-demand resources that you can tap: whether it’s for tactical learning of things like Google Analytics, or TechBites for conceptual understanding of things like Business Intelligence and SEO - these tools are easier to come by and come with a lighter price tag than you might expect.

So, don’t let yourself get pidgeon-holed hiring white men for tech roles. Think a little out of the box and diversify your tech team the easy way, with great candidates.

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Great for Recruiters, HR & Staffing Professionals!

Jessie Pressman | Founder
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